Carl Wimberly Hall

Carl Wimberly Hall includes an outdoor seating area for students to convene, relax, or

study. The area is filled with different greenery to benefit both the environment

and those using the space.  

Sustainable Features:

Single Stream Recycling: UW-L’s R-5 recycling program has evolved to include elements on equal ground with the standard reduce, reuse, recycle.  UW-L currently buys items made with recycled content (re-buy) and everyone is encouraged to consider (rethink) the environmental consequences of purchasing decisions.  The recycling in Centennial Hall, and all of campus, has recently become single stream.


At UW-L, a high priority is placed on recycling, because a significant portion of our waste stream goes to the French Island incinerator, a waste-to-energy plant. Located on an island in the Mississippi, this facility is one of only a handful in the country that burn refuse-derived fuel to generate electricity. Because most of our waste is burned, it is important that as much of it gets recycled as possible.

Hydration Stations: Water bottle filling stations, or hydration stations, can be found on drinking fountains throughout campus including this building.  These help to promote using reusable water bottles rather than disposable bottles and include a counter of the number of water bottles saved. 

Hydration station located on the first floor of Wimberly
Hydration station located on the first floor of Wimberly