Graff Main Hall

Graff Main Hall, built in 1909, is the original building on campus. It was designated as a historic site by the city

of La Crosse in 1984 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Where It All Started:

Sustainability at La Crosse has played a major role in not only looking at the past of the campus, but the future as well. In 1909 Graff Main Hall (Old Main) was built and has been a constant reminder to those on campus that UW La Crosse was erected with the future in mind. Because the future means more than just a new day, UW La Crosse continues to keep sustainability as a large factor of what goes into making new buildings, and what efforts will go into managing older buildings. Reducing waste, increasing recycling, producing more efficient power and conserving our resources is what drives UW La Crosse's sustainable initiatives forward.