Health Science Center

The Health Science Center, which was built in 2000, is a project of the La Crosse Medical Health Science

Consortium, Inc.  Health Programs from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Western Wisconsin Technical

College share classrooms, laboratories and equipment. 

Sustainable Features:

Beyond Recycling: UW-L’s R-5 recycling program has evolved to include elements on equal ground with the standard reduce, reuse, recycle.  UW-L currently buys items made with recycled content (re-buy) and everyone is encouraged to consider (rethink) the environmental consequences of purchasing decisions. 

Promotions: The Health Science Center encourages all students, faculty, and guests to recycle, conserve water, and reduce electricity whenever possible.

Smoke-Free Environment: To maintain superior air quality, UW-L has designated all campus buildings smoke-free.  Students, staff and visitors are requested to not smoke within 25 feet of any building entrance. 

Future Upgrades: The Health Science Center will be upgrading its HVAC system from its current analog system to better monitor temperature which will help maintain an acceptable and comfortable temperature without any unnecessary heating and cooling.