Police services & PArking

Design and Future:

The campus police station and parking structure provides not only a place for campus officers, but also convenient parking for commuters, students and faculty. With 2,000 lots the parking structure is able to accommodate many of the students and daily commuters that come to UW-L. The growing need for convenient parking on campus initiated the plans to increase the lot size by an additional 950 spaces, which was completed in October 2015. 

SUSTAINABLE Initiatives:

One of the most notable aspects of the parking structure is that 95% of the extra concrete that was left over from constructing it was used to make a new lot for extra parking behind Veterans Memorial Field. Some other interesting sustainable initiatives about the parking structure is the use of animal urea and retainment wells. The urea makes a great substitute for salt during the winter because it is less corrosive and lacks harmful runoff. Retainment wells in the structure catch runoff, preventing it from ever reaching the sewer while at the same time filtering excess nutrients and pollutants before the water makes it to the river.